Central Arkansas Aircraft Repair LLC

Company History

Robbie and Brian Staton both grew up with a passion for aviation. As children, they built plastic models, control line, and r/c aircraft. They could always be found watching the ag-aircraft working on the family farm. It was a natural transition into full size aircraft when they were grown. Both became licensed pilots at an early age, which was a big step, considering their family wasn't really aviation oriented. After flying rented aircraft for a while, both wanted more. At that time, the late eighties, most rental planes consisted of Cessna 150-172 spam can types. A J-3 Cub that needed a little work done came up for sale locally, was bought, and that was their real start into the world of fabric aircraft. They were directed to Kenny Blalock at Special Products Aviation, who at that time, was, and still is, one of the foremost experts in fabric aircraft and custom aviation. A friendship was started which has lasted some 30 years. Working under his direction, Robbie and Brian began learning the art and skill of fabric aircraft restorations. Both began working toward their A/P license, and would later follow with I/A designations. For several years the work they did was mostly "word of mouth" hand picked projects for friends, or rebuilds done for themselves. During these years they did 18 ground up restorations.They continued to work with Kenny at Special Products Aviation on occasion, and did projects with and for him. When Kenny decided to close his shop they tossed around the idea of continuing Kenny's legacy. It took a couple of years and the decision was made to open their shop to the public. Central Arkansas Aircraft Repair was born in 2010. They often joke, "It was a hobby that went dreadfully wrong." Central Arkansas Aircraft Repair specializes in fabric aircraft restoration, recover, repairs and maintenance. We have the tools and knowledge to fabricate and repair, wood, metal, and aluminum structures and components. Kenny still works closely with us, and provides all of our DAR services. We have a brand new 45 by 60 climate controlled main shop with two adjacent hangars for storage of completed aircraft or projects. In 2013 we added a new, larger paint booth which allows us to turn out premium paint jobs. We are comfortable and familiar with all covering systems on the market today, and even the systems that aren't. We mainly use the Air-Tech system as we feel this is the premier system out there, but customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we will use any system requested. Lately, we have recieved alot of inquiry about builder assistance, or assisted complete aircraft builds from kits such as Javron Cub, Dakota Cub, Cub Crafters Cubs, and other types. We offer technical assistance on fabric covering, painting, and building. We will  do a "turn key" project on most all experimental or kit aircraft, the same as we do on type certificated aircraft, if a customer desires. We have done several builds and restorations on experimental category aircraft, so we are knowledgable in this field also. We are capable of a total ground up restoration or just rebuilding components, whatever a customer may need. Recently, we have had alot of calls about overall paint jobs. Our paint booth is not large enough to paint a whole aircraft assembled. Most fabric aircraft are built and painted in components, this is why we did not get into that type of paint service. Since we specialize in fabric type aircraft, we usually do not do annuals or maintenance on larger metal aircraft. (Beech Bonanza, Baron, Mooney type). Those type jobs are usually referred to other shops. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, we might be able to perform this type work. Central Arkansas offers other services also. Transport of aircraft or projects to and from our location, pre-purchase inspections, insurance estimates, and as already stated, technical assistance and information. So far we have been blessed in this business, and have started to build a good customer base. Customer satisfaction along with aircraft safety is our number one goal. We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing them with an aircraft they will be proud of and enjoy for many years. Take a look at pictures of some of our work and feel free to stop by, or give us a call if you need assistance or information. We are always glad to take time to visit with potential customers, or to help with technical problems.