Central Arkansas Aircraft Repair LLC


Here are some pictures of work done in our shop. Take a look around, and get an idea of what we are able to accomplish for you. Updated 9/04/2017

New spar installation, Aviat Husky wing

PA-18, ground up restoration

Kit Fox wings.

Still gets a wingtip which is silver.

It's not all airplanes all the time.

Kit Fox getting a paint job.

Top Cub is completed. 31 inch tires have not been installed yet.

Interior of the Top Cub.

wheel pant, repaired and painted.

New cylinders, for which engine I forget.

I think this one is self explanatory. It's a Pitts stabilizer in Insignia blue.

Here is another one. This is the reason we like PPG paints, and why most of our customers do.

A different piece in orange. English Color is our outlet for this paint. Great paint supply store and good people.

New Catto prop.

J-3 floorboards, 22 coats of clear.

Back Country Cub wings in primer.

Wheel pants primed and ready for color.

S-1 Pitts tailfeathers ready for final coat of paint.

Covering a fuselage.

Delivered to its owner, Tony Vitiello, Festus MO.

We had to wait on the weather during the trip.

Another finished product.

Ready to deliver.

Interior turned out nice.

Work continues elsewhere.

J-3 wing sanded and ready for paint.

New boot cowl freshly painted.

Fitting the Champ cowling and nosebowl.

Panel installed in the Champ.

Cub Crafters Cub wings, metallic green and white.

Interior shot of the Top Cub.

Fuselage fabric started..

J-3 interior, first coats of yellow.

Snazzy paint job.

7-AC nearing completion.

Searey amphibian, fixed a hole in the wing.

Bearhawk going to Kenya, Africa.

Wing factory.

Robbie covering a set of Dakota wings.

Fresh fuselage paint job. .

New fuselage from Univair.

Restoration on a Cub Crafters Top Cub.

Fabric work at its best.

Lots of shiny new aluminium.

Old grumpy having to work in the old shop.

Trying to teach the next generation.

Not the best time to capture me on film. It was hot, I was cranky.

Headliner installed on Chris Cook's Decathlon

Install done after plane was covered, not easy!!!

New interior pieces.

Two tone light tan will look nice.

More upholstery work.

New set of Dakota wings for another PA-18 build.

These wings have the fixed slats.

Another shot of the Decathlon headliner.

Decathlon project.

J-3 wing in base white.

Wood spar J-3 wing repair.

Plywood doublers were dry rotted.

Wings for our next project in line, Back Country Cub.

Another project.

Fitting floor boards.

Masking stripes on a 7-AC wing.

Kenny Blalock Orange from Air-Tech.

Tail feathers to match.

Covering with the Star Gloss system.

As you can see, this didn't end well.......

7-AC landing gear and belly repair.

Another set of PA-18 wings being built.

Rivets are alot faster than stitching..

I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning.

Starduster sheetmetal work.

Piper PA-16 wing repair.

New rear spar, new Univair ribs.

Ready for leadig edge skins and false spar.

Flew many hours in this plane, belonged to my dad.

He lost interest in the restoration, gave her a new home.

Another PA-18 restoration.

Our new paint booth.

Woodwork. Old airplane.

Sometimes reverse engineering is the only way.

O-360 waiting to be rebuilt.

Fuselage just back from powdercoating.

PA-18 alignment jig.

Engine cases and parts with fresh yellow tags.

7-AC Champ waiting for gear repair.

More engine components.

Super Cub seaplane fuselage..

Shop is getting crowded.

O-320, newly rebuilt, from Barrett Precision Engines

Aeronca Champ wing build

Covering a J-3 wing, with Air-Tech process

Culver Cadet, wing spar repair

Rudder repair, oops

Northstar and PA-18 fuselages, ready for paint

Bearhawk panel installation and wiring

Annual inspection on customers Bellanca Scout

Wittman Tailwind

Grumman Ag-Cat tail group recovered

7-AC engine upgrade to a C-85 in progress

Superflite system on a Super Cub wing

IO-390 exhaust mock up, ready for fabrication

Fresh Air-Tech paint

7-AC boot cowl fabrication

Wayne Lemkelde, Ft. Worth TX, Starduster restoration

Spraying Air-Tech primer

Sanded, prepped, and waiting patiently for paint

Bill Stephens, North Star, Montana bound

One of our builds, on display at EAA Oshkosh

Husky A-1B  during engine repair

Rib stitching and pinking tape work on stabilizer

7-AC Champ, custom interior work

Covering a fuselage in the old shop

Robbie posing seductively, with Bearhawk build

Culver Cadet, new firewall fabrication

 Brand new IO-390 engine installation, $$$$$$$$$$

Random action shot in the new shop

Wilga engine istallation, so ugly you, got to love it

Terry Stead, Benton, AR, J-3 custom floorboards

Clipped wing J-3 wing, ready for fabric

Repaired rudder, ready to prime

Reinforcement tape work

Random action shot from the other end

7GCAA Citabria wing build in progress

Skybolt restoration, I know, the corner of the picture is cut off

New floorboards for the Starduster

New spars from Ron Piercy, at Rainbow Flying Serv.

Yes, this is the way we get them sometimes

Another PA-18 build

Terry's J-3, almost ready for fabric

Another shot of the Champ interior

Repaired, painted, and ready to start building

More wood repair

More great products from Ron, at Rainbow

Prepping for fabric with anti-chafing tape

A "before" picture

Same area, after

New Airtex headliner installed in 7-AC

Speed brakes?

Starduster baggage door

Hidden hinges, Wayne, the owner, was happy

What can I say, thugs, or they like to think so.

Finished product

Another completion

Wood stabilizer being cleaned and inspected

Yes, its the real thing and yes, I did do some work on it. Belongs to Barry Avent, Cheraw South Carolina.